A Christmas Story in July

A Christmas Story House and Museum - Photo by Michael Dwyer

A Christmas Story House and Museum

A Christmas Story in July

By Michael Dwyer

A Christmas Story

The movie, A Christmas Story, is a cult classic. Viewed repeatedly in December just before Christmas, many people have come to make it part of their holiday tradition. “You’ll shoot your eye out!” is a popular phrase from the movie, as Ralphie, plans and plots ways to get what he wants for Christmas, a Red Ryder BB gun.

In Cleveland is the A Christmas Story House & Museum. It is the actual house used in the 1983 movie – at least all the outside shots. Most of the indoor filming was done at a soundstage in Toronto. The filmmakers chose this house in Cleveland because it looked like an urban neighborhood, was at a T-intersection and was next to a doublewide lot. The location gave the film crew lots of room for filming with great backdrop material.

Visit the House used for A Christmas Story in Cleveland - photo by Michael Dwyer

Visit the House used for A Christmas Story in Cleveland

30th Anniversary

The house and museum are open year-round and it is a unique way to celebrate Christmas in July. However, you may want to wait until November for the 30th Anniversary Convention celebration of the movie. Extended hours, a stage play of the story and public viewing of the movie are all planned.

Christmas in July

Many of us use the phrase to give title to a fortunate event such as winning a prize, finding a sale on something you really need or getting a big promotion at work. Did you know it’s a real thing? Christmas in July is a celebration in the southern hemisphere when they have winter-like conditions that they don’t have in December. The northern hemisphere started celebrating Christmas in July for the opposite reasons: Throw a Christmas themed party in July when the weather is nice.

Whenever and wherever you celebrate Christmas, A Christmas Story House & Museum is waiting for you to visit. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, the attraction is unique and quirky, anytime of year.

See the Famous Leg Lamp or Buy one for Your own Front Window - photo by Michael Dwyer

See the Famous Leg Lamp or Buy one for Your own Front Window

Hours for the House & Museum

Thursday-Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sundays: 12pm-5pm
Monday-Wednesday: Closed
Also closed most major holidays
3159 West 11th Street
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 298-4919
Holiday Gift ideas
Christmas Ornaments
Leg Lamps
Red Ryder BB Guns

Make Cleveland a long weekend adventure!

All photos by Michael Dwyer

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