A Live Wire by Dr. Herfert

How Does Your Body Heal?

 It all began some time near the end of July of 1959.  Maybe it was by accident, or maybe there was some planning involved.  It’s usually hard to get the truth about an event like this… but that is when it all happened.  You might be asking yourself what is he talking about?  I’m talking about my beginning.  Not my birth… but my conception.  I was born in April of 1960… so my real beginning started with my conception in July of 1959. 

Right Now You Are Probably Asking Yourself…

What Does “Conception” Have To Do With How Your Body Heals?”

     Maybe you haven’t been paying attention, but how our lives start is of great interest to researchers.  Researchers think our beginnings can help in trying to understand disease.  This is what all the emphasis with STEM CELL RESEARCH is all about.  Some researches think if they can understand how our genes work, then we can learn how to control our genes and cure diseases.  I think understanding our genes would be helpful, but the researchers are barking up the wrong tree.  Let me tell you why…

     We all started out in life by the union of a sperm cell from our father and an egg cell from our mother.  These two cells joined together and formed a new cell with all the genetic information needed over the next nine months to make a cute little baby girl or boy.  Researchers in the “Human Genome Project” have even named all these genes, but they still don’t know why some genes work or don’t work at certain times in our development in our mother’s womb.

     At crucial stage in our development… when amazing things begin to happen, is when we reach the point where we are called an “embryo.”  An embryo looks like a mass of cells, not like something we recognize as a baby.  This unrecognizable mass of cells begins to change and magically some cells become our hearts, others our legs, or skin, or eyes.  All these organs and tissues develop from the same original cells.  These are what the researchers call stem cells.  Researchers don’t know why certain genes are turned on or off at different times causing the fantastic development that takes place in an unborn child.  They have been searching for years trying to solve this mystery.  The reason they can’t find the answer is they are looking to chemistry to solve the problem when the obvious answer is…



     Let’s imagine for a moment that you are talking to your friend, and suddenly they grip their chest and stop breathing.  You quickly check their pulse and find their heart has also stopped beating.  Immediately you perform Cardio-Pulmonary-Resuscitation (CPR), but it’s to late, your friend is gone!  If we were to immediately, at a second after your friend’s death occurred, examine your friend’s body, we would find out some things that would throw our researchers into TOTAL CONFUSION.


     You see, all of the tissues and organs would still be present… Nothing had a chance to decay yet!  All of the chemicals, hormones, and even genes would still be there undamaged at one second after your friend’s death… but nothing works!  The body temperature probably would be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit; the blood would have red blood cells to carry oxygen, white blood cells to fight infections, plasma, platelets, and antibodies.  His organs could even be harvested and transplanted to someone else… but nothing in this world could make him sit up and start talking again!  Why???  LIFE IS MISSING!



     What is this principle of life?  There is a God-given intelligence in our bodies and in all living things.  This inborn or “innate” intelligence is present from conception to death.  This intelligence tells our genes when to turn on and off.  New research is showing that this intelligence can even change our genes to some extent, based on our body’s needs.  This intelligence has been called “spirit”, “soul”, “nature”, “instinct” and “life force.”  Medical researchers have called it “bioelectrical energy”; the Chinese call it “Chi”, chiropractors call it “innate intelligence.”

     When this intelligence or life force is present, it animates our bodies, gives them the ability to adapt to our environment, to heal from injuries, and to recover from illness and disease.  The uninterrupted flow of this life force throughout our bodies is what gives us the ability to stay healthy.  Modern science has all but forgotten that life is intelligence.  We have gotten caught up in all our technology, and modern marvels… but have forgotten that we cannot create life.  Conception occurs because two “living cells” are brought into union under the right circumstances… Remember, these cells are already alive, and it’s the intelligence already present in these living cells that will govern all the miracles of life that will shortly unfold!

WORKING ON A LIVE WIRE – Every one knows that if you want an electrical motor to work, it has to be connected to a “live wire”… one with power.  Likewise, the chiropractic principle of healing is very simple.  Remove the interference that is impairing the human body’s ability to heal itself.  Our body’s life force manifests its intelligence through the nervous system’s control over all organs and tissues.  If I can remove interference that is present with the nervous systems control over your body… then amazing things can happen!

     Chiropractic adjustments are not just a substitute for aspirin when you have aches and pains.  A chiropractic adjustment, when properly given, restores the communication between your brain and the body parts.  In fact, chiropractic care only recently became known for being good with backaches.  We survived the constant assault of the medical monopoly because we helped people that medical doctors couldn’t.  This is still the case today.  If medicine worked, then chiropractic wouldn’t exist!  Don’t misunderstand me, medical doctors help people, but many times this is in spite of, not because of what the doctor did!  What is lost with all the technological marvels in health care today is that… life heals. 

     The doctor who is best at working with our body’s innate healing abilities is the doctor who GETS THE BEST RESULTS.  Health comes from within, from our body’s life force expressing itself without interference.  To recover our health and stay healthy we don’t need potions, lotions, pills or elixirs… We need a continuous flow of life.  An adjustment that removes dangerous pressure on nerves can produce incredible results.  Life and communication begin to re-animate diseased organs, our bodies’ grow new tissue cells, and then miraculously our liver disease, heart problems or skin rashes go a way!  I have seen miraculous things like this happen…all because life was restored.  The next time you get adjusted remember… we are restoring your body’s ability to overcome ANY DISEASE KNOWN… we are RESTORING LIFE!

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