A Message From the Rick Snyder Campaign

Voters have a clear choice in this election between a proven job creator with a plan to Reinvent Michigan and a continuation of the same old partisan politics that have held us back for so long. Last night during the debate, I stayed focused on my positive vision for the state while my opponent continued his negative and false attacks. This is what career politicians do and the reason why Lansing is broken.  Michigan is an economic disaster. Our focus has to be on creating jobs – not tearing each other down with partisan bickering. We need to work on making our state a place where businesses can thrive.

I am a proven job creator. When I was the head of Gateway, the company grew from a little over 700 employees to more than 10,000. I’ve also built several small companies from scratch, creating hundreds of jobs in Michigan and across the country. 

We have one chance in this election to radically reinvent our state. We need someone with real-world experience creating jobs. That’s what I’ve done my whole life, and that’s what I’ll do as governor.

Thank you for your support.


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