A Note from Sue Ann Douglas

Note from former Councilwomen and County Commissioner Sue Ann Douglas

I’m at Rochester’s Goals and Objectives meeting and there is a suggestion to RAISE TAXES!

Raise Taxes

Raise Taxes

No one has jumped on the band wagon but the next month or two will be critical. Please go to future meetings.

Suggestions from the administration include stopping leaf pick-up, increasing taxes, running special mileages for things like police and fire that you would have a hard time saying “no” to.

BTW, THE PARKING SYSTEM IS $605,000 in the hole.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Ron Harman says

    What about the proposed $200,000 Sun Dial soon?

  2. Sue Douglas says

    Good question. It is certainly not needed and would offer a one time savings on the construction costs. The city needs to find a lot more money than that over the 20 years of the bond payment.
    One plan is to meter all of the free parking lots on Walnut and East Street and charge $1.00 / hour everywhere including the decks, in the City because those lots are full these days. That would include the decks and side streets. They would also cut the cost of monthly employee deck parking in half.
    The plan is overly optimistic in my view. And even if their estimates were correct, there would still be a shortfall of a couple hindred thousand each year.

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