A Note to Myself this Father’s Day

Dear Self,

No offense, but hush. This year, as a Father’s Day gift to your husband, give the gift of being quiet. Allow him the freedom to parent in his own way without your “suggestions” confusing him and the kids. He does a lot for the kids (and you!) so show him respect and let him parent the way he does. If it’s a serious issue then speak in private. Don’t Meghan Shhhtalk to him as if he is one of the kids. It won’t ever be healthy for you to reprimand the father of your children in front of them. Show solidarity. The kids need to know their parents are a team and that they back each other always. Once you start interrupting his methods, they’ll begin doing the same. If you want the kids to respect him, then you need to also. Give him your confidence that he’s doing a great job and he’ll get even more involved. If you constantly bash him, he’ll figure he creates more problems and just back off.

I said hush! I don’t want to hear your excuses about self-esteem, personality development and patience. There are many right ways to parent. They won’t be confused because their mother and father had different parenting styles. It’s good practice to for the kids to learn how to deal with different personalities. Do you think their teachers will all have your personality? What about their future bosses? The sooner they learn how to deal with different types of people, the more flexible they will grow to be.

Enjoy breakfast at The Downtown Cafe with him and the kids. Play some tennis at the park or let him go fishing. Treat him to dessert at The Cupcake Station. Relax and enjoy.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate Father’s Day, keep your mouth shut and judgments aside.


Hush Up


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