A Pin for your Thoughts

It’s almost embarrassing how many of my conversations now start with the line, “So I saw this really cool idea on Pinterest…” By now, you too have probably at least heard of this new site and application that combines searching for things and social media. Some say it’s addicting, while some say it wastes time, but I say it’s inspiring.

Pinterest is easily explained as a virtual corkboard where you can “pin” your interests. You can search for just about anything, follow things other friends like, and save pictures that link you to websites that go into greater detail on that pinned image. Pinterest has everything from recipes, craft ideas, humorous quotes, amazing architecture, party inspiration, and everything in between. You can create your own boards to categorize things, you can comment on the things people pin, and even share on Facebook. It’s quite a genius idea.

At first, it does seem pretty unbelievable how great a resource the site is, and therefore I think the main reason why some people complain that it is addicting. Like all of social media, Pinterest is something you can use to make your life easier by connecting you to the things that matter most, or you can let its wealth of information overtake your time.

For a busy mom like me whose magazines gather dust before I have the time to read through them, I have found it to be a valuable way to easily organize my fleeting thoughts. It has actually already saved me time and money by using it wisely to find money saving do-it-yourself decor ideas and recipes that fit into my schedule. On top of that, I’ve gained some encouragement from quotes, found inspiration for being healthy and have become motivated to accomplish things I didn’t know I could before.

Pinterest may just be another new way to check out from reality and dream of things you can’t afford, of recipes you’ll never make, and of exercise plans you swear you’ll start. Or, you can let it help you grow a little more creative in the kitchen, remember that great idea for next Christmas, and save time and money on home goods. Who knows? Maybe you can even find ways on how to waste less time on social media!

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