A positive night for Rochester and its residents

Rochester is doing well, Mayor Stuart Bikson says and he’s ready to share just how well with residents Thursday night as he holds the sixth annual State of the City Address.

“It’s a great opportunity to once a year give people an update of what’s going on in the city, that the city is being well-run and well-managed and (share) some of the new projects and new things that we’re doing,” he said.

Rochester Mayor Stuart Bikson gives the State of the City Address last year. All are invited to attend this year's event tonight at 7 p.m. in the Rochester Community House.

At 7 p.m. in the Rochester Community House (816 Ludlow Ave.), Bikson will cover how downtown life is booming by highlighting four of the latest businesses to open or businesses that will be opening.

“There’s lots of new business in town and we’re excited by that,” Bikson said.

The successes and journeys of Trekt Outdoors (425 S. Main St.), Somerset Lending (140 W University Drive, Suite 220), The Meeting House (301 S. Main St.) and The Chapman House (311 Walnut Blvd.) will be showcased.

Aside from expanding business in town, the city’s finances are “just in excellent shape,” Bikson said. “A lot of cities don’t have that but we balance our budget every year and we still provide great city services with really low tax rates.”

In the past decade, Rochester taxes have dipped 15 percent, touting one of the lowest tax rates in the county.

While a review of past success is helpful, Bikson’s eyes are on the future as his team will introduce a new marketing plan for the city this evening.

A polished city seal will be unveiled alongside “Rochester, where we live” as the latest area slogan.

“We decided that we have such good news that we want to be marketing our city to businesses and residents,” Bikson said. “We respect our historical background be we also want to grow and be relevant in the future.”

Additional evening plans includes recognizing a local paramedic for rescuing a woman at the Older Person’s Commission recently as well as several of what Bikson calls funny slides to entertain guests.

“It’s a real positive night for everybody and the city,” he said.

There will be refreshments and all residents are encouraged to come out.

“I’m looking forward to the State of the City Address, which has become an annual event in Rochester,” Jaymes Vettraino, Rochester’s city manager said. “The mayor has some great insights to share about the prior year and what to look forward to in the coming year, so I’m looking forward to it.”

For more information, please call (248) 651-9061.

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