Adding green to our plates this St. Patrick’s Day

As we sport every shade of green this weekend from our outfits to our dinner plates to celebrate that beloved Irish holiday—which has been said to translate into “Feast of Saint Patrick”—let’s support our health by feasting on some of these top green veggies.

Rather than hoping to find a four-leaf clover this year—which, the photo above was my discovery this fall and I think it counts as four leaves, but the jury is out—we need to take control of our health and make the luck work for us.

Kale: One of the easiest ways to add value to your meal—to make sure your body is truly gaining something from what you’re eating—is to cook up some kale. If you haven’t heard of kale before, be ready to dip into this source of life!

Here is a great source detailing the benefits of kale, which is in the lettuce family and can be used in everything from a salad to pastas and more. It is definitely an ingredient you will feel great about cooking with!

Spinach: Spinach is a great green to add to any meal this St. Patrick’s Day even if you’re entertaining a room of guests! The beloved spinach and artichoke dip is an easy crowd-pleaser, so here is a tasty recipe for you.

Green beans: OK, so you don’t want to venture into the kale realm just yet and you don’t have the time to whip up some spin dip, why not grab a bundle of green beans while grocery shopping and steam some up as a side dish on St. Patrick’s Day? Easy. And you are being proactive with your health, which is always a good thing!

Cabbage: If you can’t tell already, I am truly excited to celebrate this annual holiday because my better half descends from Irish bloodline. In fact, his grandmother even prepared a traditional favorite, corned beef and cabbage in lieu of the holiday. And it was quite a treat!

So if you haven’t tried making corned beef and cabbage yet, or you’ve never even tasted it, here is a recipe that you won’t regret trying!

Even throw in a cup or two of green tea!

OK, if none of the above ideas seem to suit you, how about brewing a mug or two of green tea this St. Patrick’s Day? Here are some of the countless health benefits of green tea.

And one final healthy dinning tip: As long as we are sticking with the St. Patrick’s Day theme, a good rule for making sure you get enough healthy fuel each day is to “Eat from the rainbow.” I learned this one a while back and it means that you should ensure your breakfast, lunch and dinner plate holds several colors of veggies and fruits each day. Now we all know the power of veggies and fruits working together, so the more variety, the better!

Brain power!

Since our mental and emotional health are equally—if not more—important than our physical health, be sure to extend a few chuckles with your family and pals this weekend.

Here are a few positive Irish proverbs to get you started and help you spread happiness:

OK, that last one is just for fun. Have a healthy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

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