Adventures In Rochester?

Every once in a while I get glimpses of the energy that is instilled into you when you explore. I can only imagine what life was like for Lewis and Clark when they left the east and ventured out westward. Now granted, the things that they found were unseen by most Europeans and would have been completely astonishing. I can’t begin to imagine their thoughts as they came up to the Mississippi River or saw the view of the Rockies as they approached from afar.

Our adventure to Van Hoosen wasn’t anywhere close to experiencing the first view that you get from the Rockies, Niagara Falls, or the Grand Canyon. But like many things I have written here, the wonder and amazement in a child’s eyes gives you a glimpse of what those explorers must have experienced.

The VanHoosen area brought this wonder to life for my kids as we explored the ecclectic gardens. It was amazing to see the small patches of flowers and vegetables that represented more than merely a small plot for that vegetation. You can see many different vegetables, flowers, and plants. My personal favorite was the pizza garden. In this you found tomatoes, peppers, onions, and a few other plants that I couldn’t identify; all that encompassed the various ingredients for that plot.

Every 30 seconds, I’d hear “Dad, come over here,” as my kids were going separate areas exploring. Each of my kids would show me a new plant that I hadn’t seen there yet. We got close enough to see bees pulling pollen from some flowers as well as soaking in the early autumn sun.

A day that began with a stroll through some cool trails at Stoney Creek Metro Park ended with a great adventure around a local jewel. Not only did we discover a great deal at Van Hoosen, but at the end we had a impromptu family photo shoot which created some great candid photos with our kids and ourselves.

The Rochester area is LOADED with small jewels. What else is out there that has held great discoveries for you on your adventures?