Are they planning on eliminating your landline phone?

This almost secret legislation SB 636 which is an amendment to the Michigan Telecommunications Act passed the Senate by all but 4 votes and is being pushed by AT&T. It would allow basic telephone land lines to be discontinued and the decision has been taken away from the Michigan Public Service Commission and given to the Federal Communications Commission. Police organizations and many other groups oppose this but it is sailing through. It is now awaiting Floor action in the House. We don’t need to send decision making to Washington and I oppose this. How does one object to an action by the FCC? Got me there but I sure know how to drive up to Lansing to a MPSC Hearing.
Here is the House Legislative Analysis:

Sue Ann Douglas


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  1. Sandy Woosley says

    We had an ice storm several years ago & when the power went out-we were on AT & T guess what still worked the landline phone-all the cell phones would not work only the Land Line Phones Worked- isn’t this a good reason to keep it –with all that’s going on now in the world this might be the only way to keep in touch one day with family or friends—-Keep the Land Line Phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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