Art Rocks! with inaugural event at Aurum Design Jewelers

Colored gemstones and local artists rock at Aurum Design Jewelry. Meet the artists and view their work beginning on Thursday, July 18, from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m., while enjoying food, fun and a special selection of rare, handpicked gemstones for this evening only. The event runs through Saturday, July 20.

Colored gemstone rings are a trend that has recently become more popular since Prince William gave his ADJ_ArtRocks_Poster_WEB      255x340mother’s beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring to the now Duchess of Cambridge. Many royals and celebrities are bucking the diamond engagement trend and showing their independent spirit. Among them are Penelope Cruz, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson and Tara Reid. Wearing a stunning colored engagement ring tells everyone that you are independent and adventurous when it comes to life and jewelry.

Aurum Design specializes in colored gemstones and the award winning custom jewelry designer, Daren Schurman finds the special properties of each individual jewel inspiring for each ring, pendant or earring that he creates. Daren elevates jewelry to a fine art, transforming each piece into a sculpture; attended to from every angle and executed with 30 years of experience. Daren’s designs reference architecture, with multiple levels that interact with each other to build an intricate and detailed composition.

As a luxury item, jewelry is facing some challenging times and many jewelers, because of the risk and expense, are not able to create new and innovative pieces as they have in the past. Rather than cut back and size down, Daren is sticking to what he knows best, award winning design, quality craftsmanship and pushing the artistic boundaries of custom jewelry design. Daren admits his designs are not ordinary by any means and notes, “I’m bored with what’s out there, it’s all been done before, and I’m trying to keep it unique, my own.” Many people are quite surprised when they hear that all of the custom design work is done on the premises in the downtown Rochester store.

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