SpringHill Day Camp Coming to Faith Church in Rochester Hills, MI

(May 13, 2011 – Rochester Hills, MI) Children in Rochester Hills, MI have a new camp to attend this summer.  SpringHill Day Camp is coming to Faith Church on Hamlin Road in Rochester Hills August 15th – 19th from 9AM – 4PM.  The camp is for children who have completed kindergarten through 4th grade. The cost to attend the camp is $149. Sibling discounts are available, as are full and partial scholarships for families who cannot afford the cost of camp. At SpringHill's Summer Day Camps kids … [Read more...]

Breakfast Around the World

Early in our relationship, my husband and I lived in Frankfurt, Germany for almost three years.  At the time we were young, just married, and had no children, so we spent much of our free time traveling around Europe.  The one thing that struck me as we traveled through the countries was the differences in what each country served us for breakfast.  One day while eating breakfast at a bed and breakfast in Germany, I had the idea to have a “Breakfast around the World” celebration with my then … [Read more...]

Family Advent Activities: Giving & Serving

My husband and I have three goals for our children:  to raise them to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.  Usually my articles on Rochester Media are centered on the healthy in body topic, but today I will share with you a tradition we are creating that centers on the latter goal, being healthy in spirit.  While they will get presents on Christmas Day, all the days preceding it will center on giving, serving, and enjoying the Christmas holiday without the presents.  We do this with the help … [Read more...]

Have a Made in Michigan Party

To celebrate my husband’s 10th year of living in Michigan (and the U.S. for that matter), our family had a Made in Michigan party last year.  The idea was simple; everyone was encouraged to bring something made or grown in Michigan.  We had potato salad, kale chips and apple pie made from fresh farmers market produce.  We had wine from Traverse City and beer from Detroit that we purchased at Whole Foods.  The hamburgers were made from Michigan grass-fed beef from Creswick farms with buns from a … [Read more...]

101 Things to Make for Dinner

We've all been there. It's closing in on dinnertime and you have no idea what you are going to make for dinner. Here is a list to inspire you.  All of these links open in a new window, so you won't loose your place. Browse the recipes yourself and see what suites your tastes, cooking level, and time commitment. My husband is Maltese and I included one of his favorite Maltese dinners in the list. Can anyone guess what number it is? 1. Meatloaf 2. Tacos 3. Pasta Arrabiata 4. Fish and … [Read more...]

10 Real Food Snacks for the School Year

Planning snacks for our children is often the last thing we think about during the back to school rush, but having a healthy snack plan will help your children power through their day and year.  But what is a healthy snack?  Every snack package screams at you from the shelf claiming their product is healthiest. But when Fruit Loops, with 44% of its calories coming from sugar, are allowed to call themselves a “Smart Choice,” it is time to reconsider these snacks and take back your snack … [Read more...]

Farmers Market

If you want to find our family on a Saturday morning May through October, make your way to the Rochester Farmers Market to find me chatting with the farmers, the kids looking for the pineapple hidden among the produce that wins them a small prize and my husband taking our dog for a stroll around the market. There are so many ways to enjoy the market besides stopping in for five minutes to pick up your carrots. Here are five suggestions to turn your shopping trip to a fun morning … [Read more...]