Green Space – It’s Ours To Enjoy

If there was one thing that I learned in business school, it was not about the undeveloped value of green spaces. In fact, from my experience at Wayne State University, “green space” was many times viewed in the context of future-developed value. I’m not picking on business schools or my alma mater; obviously the purpose of those exercises was to teach concepts using something simple and relatable. One thing I did learn in my studies though was that when making decisions, business leaders should … [Read more...]

Property Values in Rochester Hills.

It all comes down to desirability and value. How desirable is the property? Sure, the square footage of the house and the lot size play a factor, but we're all aware of the three "L's" of real estate - location, location, location! Where the property is located has everything to do with the value or potential value of the property. When talking to real estate professionals I'm always astounded by this truth. It's interesting to say that it's all about location because what that essentially … [Read more...]

Water Reservoirs in Rochester Hills

I believe the proposed water reservoirs will save our residents money. Residents and council members have raised some concerns about the locations but so far nothing has been determined. My goal in the site location process is to support feasible locations that will burden our residential neighborhoods the least. Because of the need to connect the reservoirs to existing water mains and the geographical elevation requirements there are not many locations to choose from. Over the past few months … [Read more...]

Roundabouts; Cheaper to build and safer.

Does that mean we should have one at every intersection? Definitely not. In fact there are many intersections in our city where a roundabout would not make an improvement. Even with federal grant dollars we need to continue to use discretion. The infamous roundabout at 18 1/2 and Vandyke is a perfect example of why civic leaders and engineers need to exercise careful consider. It’s important to note however that while many motorists have been reportedly uncomfortable maneuvering through the … [Read more...]