Author’s Corner: Indie Book Marketing

Indie Book Marketing

I hope everyone is having a good beginning to the New Year. I’ve mentioned before, if you write because it’s your hobby, you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about marketing.

However, if you’re writing to sell, you need to publish so your book can be accessed by as many people as possible. You need to have clear goals at the start because marketing a book effectively requires planning and energy.

It involves attracting and engaging your target audience by sharing information about your book, and about yourself. Readers are always eager to learn more about an author. You’ll have to do some work to get the desired results, but most of the best ways to promote a book are free (or almost). All you need is enough willingness to spend the time.

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Author R.L. Herron

Launch a Website or Blog

You can start marketing your book even before you finish writing it. Having a website or blog and updating it regularly will greatly improve your results. Better yet, try both. If what you are writing is fiction, before the launch date, you can get your readers to know more about your book.

Get Reviews

Another simple way to market your book for free is to ask for reviews, which you can get by approaching friends and family. However, getting bonafide reviewers (from Amazon, GoodReads, Reader’s Favorite, etc.) can help you complete this task.

Join Readers’ Groups

While this method, either in person or online, is free, it can be time-consuming. But if you come across all the time with messages that are little more than “purchase my book” you’ll most likely find it is also ineffective. It’s way better if you just participate regularly to establish yourself.

Once other participants trust you, that’s when you tell them about your profession and your work. If they start asking you about your book, you can send them a link. You have to be an active member, but if you overdo it, your marketing efforts can come across as scams. When you contribute and help other participants, they’ll be willing to support you.

Increase Your Distribution Channels

The biggest retailer of print and digital books is Amazon. If you have been using their services for a while, you should consider increasing your distribution channels. You can include Apple’s iBook, KDP by Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook in your plan.

Increase Your Online Presence

One of the easiest ways to market your book is by increasing your online presence beyond a website or blog. For instance, you could consider trying to write articles for popular websites with lots of traffic, or participating in forums that discuss topics related to your book. You can also request popular websites or blogs to feature you in a guest post or interview. Always remember to include a link to your book, social media pages, or website in your byline.

Learn from the Best

Look at the cover designs, titles, and typography of the best books in your genre. You’ll learn a lot by studying the books in your genre that you like. When you do this, you’ll avoid making silly mistakes that can cost you a lot of time and energy in the long run. As a self-published author, you’ll have to do all the marketing work. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to market your book, if you’re willing to put in the time.

About R.L. Herron

R.L. Herron, the author of multiple works of fiction, including several Readers' Favorite medal winners, lives and writes in Michigan with his lovely wife, and a finally-paid mortgage. His books are all available on Amazon and online with Barnes & Noble. Visit Author R.L. Herron's Website, Broken Glass.


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