Avon Road Bridge Continues to Deteriorate at an Advanced Rate

Last week the Road Commission for Oakland County issued a warning that the Avon Road Bridge near the intersection of Livernois and Avon was deteriorating more than originally estimated and that another lane closure would be necessary.  However in this week’s City Council meeting the Rochester Hills Director of Public Services, Paul Davis, mentioned that the bridge was failing at an “advanced deteriorating rate.”  The Road Commission was forced to make the difficult decision to reduce the bridge again to just two remaining lanes.  They will eliminate the center turn lane and the right turn lane.  Council members comment that it will lead to gridlock, but there appears to be no other answer in the short term.  The Mayor and Council have asked for both State and Federal assistance in the matter, and it is increasingly becoming an even more important issue.  The bridge was slated by the Road Commission for total replacement in 2013, but citizens hope that will be improved upon.

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  1. Why not just put some 1 inch boiler plate over the bridge structure and on either side of that some 1/2 inch just to reduce the impact for the traffic? You’ve got an engineering school at Oakland Universitym why not use their resources?

  2. Scot Beaton
    Aw come on folks don’t you get it … read mayor Barnett’s master transportation plan! This bridge could have been fixed a long time ago if they just wanted to fix what’s broken! But that’s not Barnett’s plan for Avon Rd. His plan; 5 lanes a 50mph super hwy all the way from the Cider Mill to Crooks and the new multi-million dollar 5 lane bridge is just part of the mayor’s plan to turn our town into a chic Sterling Heights. Tell the mayor, tell the road commision fix what’s broken! Tell the mayor we don’t want our town turned into Sterling Heights. Scot Beaton Rochester Hills City Council member 1988 to 1997

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