Avondale School District Announces New Middle School Principal

Candidate has track record of raising student achievement levels

The Avondale School District Board of Education approved the appointment of Dannon Holley as Principal of Avondale Middle School at the August 3, 2015 regular Board of Education meeting.

Dannon Holley  Photo couresty of Avondale School District

Dannon Holley
Photo courtesy of Avondale School District

Holley began his career in education as a teacher in 2002 at the Bates Academy in Detroit, advancing along a path that landed him the role of principal at University Preparatory High School, his most recent appointment prior to his selection to the Avondale School District administration team. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Education from Western Michigan University while serving as a Command Post Controller at Michigan Air National Guard in the United States Air Force. Holley also attended Airman Leadership School during his service career and earned a Master of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Wayne State University.

Throughout his career in education, Holley’s focus has been student achievement, as demonstrated during his tenure as principal of University Preparatory High School where he successfully led the effort to raise ACT composite scores and graduation rates. “Dannon’s commitment to student success was evident during the interview process and placed him ahead of the other candidates. I’m pleased with his appointment and excited that he’s part of the team that will take our students to the next level,” said Avondale Superintendent, Dr. James Schwarz.

Though Holley credits his time in the National Guard with defining his work ethic through attention to detail, time management and discipline, he feels his most effectual qualities were developed during his years working in education.  “I have a very organic approach to working with people. I place a lot of importance on gathering information and working in collaboration – it’s how you can focus on a common goal and see results.”

“Results” for Holley translates to student success and he’s anxious to begin working toward increases in student achievement.  “I look forward to the endless possibilities, working in collaboration with the talent in this district to drive student achievement. I’m excited to build relationships with staff, students, parents and the members of the Avondale community and I’m confident that the great work that we do together will result in providing the very best education for all Avondale students.”



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