Back to School in Rochester Hills

Rochester Hills Mayor’s Video Log Entry

Hi, I’m Bryan Barnett, Mayor of the City of Rochester Hills, and as always thanks for watching. Well we’ve had a lot of fun, summer broadcasts this year, but as the seasons turn, today we bring you a very important message.


As you can see from the activity behind me school is back in session, and here in the City of Rochester Hills, that means lots of things. It means that you’ll see these big, yellow buses around town, you’ll see moms and dads looking to get their kids to school on time, and it means a lot more kids walking to school in the early morning and dusk hours in our community, and certainly walking home in the afternoon sun. What we ask of you and what we remind all of our residents that there is nothing more important in this community than the training of our next generation, and the education of the students of this community, and it must be done in a safe manner.  And all of us, whether you have children in the district or not, have a role to play. So as school starts now here in the month of September, we ask you to drive around your neighborhoods and our community streets in a safe a fashion as possible. SLOW DOWN, especially in these school zones and especially when school starts and stops. And just know that over the next few weeks and months as people get used to the new schedules, it may take a little bit longer to get around our town, but it is so worth it. Please, please, please, be careful as you drive around our community and to all of those whose schedules have changed because of school back in session, we thank you. We welcome back the students of the Avondale community school district, the Rochester Community School District, we welcome back students to Oakland University and to Rochester College, and to all our private schools in the City of Rochester Hills, welcome back, we’re excited that you’ve chosen to learn here in our city. And also, and perhaps even more importantly, to the moms, the dads, the teachers, the educators, the administrators, the bus drivers, the lunch personnel, everyone who has a hand in making this happen we appreciate you. Thanks for serving our next generation. We look forward to the exciting things that this class of students will do in our community, and again we ask all of you to remember: School’s open, drive safely. Thanks for watching.

Video and Transcript Courtesy of the City of Rochester Hills

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