Barnett-Ambrozaitis Rematch in Rochester Hills

For the second time, incumbent Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett will face former councilman Erik Ambrozaitis in the November general election. With 13.10 percent of the city’s voters participating, Barnett and Ambrozaitis finished first and second in Tuesday’s primary election race for mayor. Barnett totaled 5,316 votes, Ambrozaitis 754. Paul Miller finished third with 527 votes; teenager Luke Wylie rounded out the field at 101 votes.

In the race for two at-large seats on city council, incumbent Michael Webber will move on to the general election along with Kathleen Fitzgerald, Dee Hilbert and Mark Tisdel. Tisdel led with 3,552 votes, followed by Webber at 3,125, Hilbert at 1,860 and Fitzgerald at 1,804. Finishing out of contention were Howard Elandt at 733 and Peter Adair at 383. One of the two seats is vacant, as incumbent Vern Pixley did not seek re-election.
In District 2, where incumbent J. Martin Brennan is also not seeking re-election, Adam Kochenderfer and Laurie Puscas move on to November. Kochenderfer led with 1,018 votes, Puscas had 867. M. Jordan Kotubey finished out of the running with 261 votes.
Barnett said he was very happy with the outcome in all the races.
“It was a good night,” he said after the results were final. “I didn’t sleep last night. You’re always a little nervous until the final results come in.”
He said he felt the big victory “was a validation of our very positive message. I think the community is very happy with what we’ve been doing. It’s a nice vote of confidence in me and a nice chance to see your work validated.”
Barnett acknowledged that he, Kochenderfer, Tisdel and Webber are a team, though not in so many words.
“You find people you think you can work with and who generally fee the same about things,” he said. Heading into November, he said he will keep the message positive and continue to talk about his record.
“We stayed positive the whole time, and I think voters reacted very positively to that,” he said. “Hopefully that’s the tone and message that will continue.”
Miller, who was the only candidate at city hall as the votes were tallied, thanked his supporters and congratulated the winners.
“I think we ran a vigorous and future-oriented campaign,” he said. “I think the voters have spoken by staying home. … They feel their participation isn’t going to make any difference. What we’ve seen is the hard-core supporters turn out and everybody else stay home.”
Miller said he believes he “changed the debate and the issues a little bit. … We really need to focus on sustainability.”


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  1. Dan Schmidt says

    75% to 13% and you hype it as a rematch? Your sympathies are showing, Annette.

  2. Dan Schmidt says

    Oops, I mean 80 to 11. My math is as good as your reporting!

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