Barnett announces trifecta of grants



In a Thursday press conference, Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan. Barnett announced that the city has been awarded nearly $250,000 in grant funding to implement three separate projects this year.

The Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority (MMRMA) has awarded $13,000 for the reconstruction of the Grant Pump Station. The money will be used to purchase a backup generator.

“Even though the project has been approved through the capital improvement plan and funding was already identified, we proactively sought out funding to assist in deferring project costs,” said Allan Schneck, Director of the Department of Public Services.

In addition, MillerCoors and River Network have awarded $25,000 to the Clinton River Watershed Council in partnership with the city. The award is the result of a month-long, online contest. In perhaps one of the closest nationwide contests ever, the grant proposal won the largest grant available by just five votes. The funds will be utilized for streambank restoration projects, public access development and ongoing public awareness initiatives around the Clinton River.

“We are excited to partner with the city on such a great project, and we appreciate all the hard work and help from our stakeholders in getting the word out to vote,” said Michele Arquette-Palermo, the CRWC’s Education and Stewardship Director.

The third grant was awarded by the Michigan Department of Transportation and is only one of four cities so far to receive funding in 2012. The funding will be used to construct non-motorized pathway connections and aesthetic improvements at the intersection and along Livernois Road and Avon Road in Rochester Hills.

The project will coincide with the Road Commission for Oakland County’s projects to install new bridges on Livernois Road and Avon Road where they cross the Clinton River.

“Projects like these help stem the national trend of rising bike and pedestrian accidents,” said Mike Kapp, an MDOT administrator in the Office of Economic Development.

“The city and road commission are great partners in providing safe and efficient transportation facilities for all users, making Rochester Hills a more attractive place to live, work, and do business.”

The two bridge-replacement projects will include the addition of non-motorized accommodations on the bridges, as well as other pedestrian friendly improvements to nearby Veterans Memorial Pointe. The total cost of the project is $345,825, which includes a $207,495 grant and a required city match of $138,330.

“Securing grant funding requires extensive research and is highly competitive. To receive not only one but three grants shows that we are committed to finding creative ways to finance projects that wouldn’t otherwise happen,” said Tara Beatty, Barnett’s chief assistant and grant coordinator.

“Our innovative staff continues to aggressively seek grants and partnerships to advance projects in our city. I am so proud of our team and look forward to these exciting enhancements in our community,” Barnett said.

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