Behind Closed Doors

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

I love the concept of things being where they belong. At one point I thought I was actually good at this organizational philosophy, but the truth is I have my own adaptation of it that isn’t quite so tidy. Heidi Clutter

I have a style that leans more towards “A place for everything, and everything tossed haphazardly behind closed doors.” And though it appears at first glance that I live in organized bliss, it’s all a facade.

Because I like our home to look clutter-free, closets, baskets and drawers become compartments to quickly stash the mess. This is only one step better than piles of visible chaos, but it’s a slight improvement. I still end up frequently running around trying to find things, since they aren’t visible or stored in logical places.

Tossing toys and cleaning supplies behind closed doors is certainly not something to be ashamed of. Life is busy and convenience is good, but sometimes I need to remind myself that the, “cover is not as important as what’s in the book.”

Being open with close, trusted friends (i.e., not EVERYONE on Facebook) is something we all need in our lives. They help us make sense of our personal “messes,” and encourage when disasters pile up. They can see what’s behind our closed doors and still love us.

Finding gracious companions that are so valuable is not easy, but don’t waste time putting up the “I’ve got it all together” facade. It’s more work to keep it up, and there’s support and love waiting when you open the door to those who truly care.

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