Bike theft continues in area and more

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Looking for the latest police reports in the area? Search no further.

Here are some of the most up-to-date crime files from the Rochester and Rochester Hills police departments.

Mountain bike theft continues in area

On Tuesday, July 9, Rochester Hills Police responded to a call about a stolen mountain bike from a Woodview Court apartment. The resident told officers that his bike was chained to a pole outside his apartment. When he saw the bike earlier in the morning, the bike had a flat tire. The owner went into his apartment to get tools to fix the tire and when he returned within ten minutes, the bike was gone. The cable lock used to chain up the bike was cut and lying on the ground when he returned. The man did not see anyone nearby in the parking lot and is not sure who would have taken his bike. He checked with apartment managers to be sure no groundskeepers took the bike, but they had not. Since the man did not have a serial number or model number, he made the report in case police come across his bike. The bike is mainly silver with black forks and sports a 98.7 radio sticker. If you have any information, please contact Rochester Hills Police at 248-537-3530.

$300 in stolen cash from center counsel of unlocked car

Also on Tuesday, July 9, Rochester Police investigated a report of $300 missing from a Bloomer Ridge resident’s car. The woman told officers she parked her car around 2 a.m. the night prior and when she approached her car the following morning, one of the doors were ajar. When she opened the center counsel to use the cigarette lighter, the woman noticed $300 to $335 was missing from her center counsel. The owner did not lock the car overnight and there are no witnesses at this time.

44-year-old Novi resident arrested for second operating while intoxicated offense

On Wednesday, July 10, a Rochester officer on patrol noticed a car turn left from a regular traffic lane, rather than from the left-hand turn lane on University Drive at Main Street. The officer stopped the car and asked it’s 44-year-old Novi driver if she had been drinking. The woman said she did have one beer at a nearby concert. The officer conducted field sobriety tests to which the woman blew 0.13 percent blood alcohol content, failing the test. The officer escorted the woman to the station to be held until sober. He later learned the woman had a previous operating while intoxicated (OWI) conviction and she now has a second OWI warrant.



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