Black Friday and Your own Mastermind Group

I have a gift for you.

While crowds of people push and shove their way through stores so they can purchase gifts that be forgotten come January, I want to offer you something different.

As you know, my courses are designed to impact your life and business in a short time. They are all about getting you one thing: results.

Think about it, by January things can be different you.

That’s why when you purchase ANYTHING in the 48 Days store, I’m GIVING you my newest product that hasn’t been officially released yet!

You see, every extraordinarily successful person I know has something in common. What is it? They are part of a mastermind group.

The benefits of a mastermind group are numerous:

– Accountability within the group
– New insights into business and life
– A safe place to share ideas, get feedback and support

My new course, The Ultimate Advantage, covers everything you need to know about how to start, manage, and benefit from a mastermind group.

And I’m giving it to you.

Buy any item in the 48 Days store over the next 4 days and you’ll get The Ultimate Advantage for free

This course hasn’t been released yet but when it does it will for $96. Personally, I’m excited about this course because of what masterminding has done for me, but also because I know this is a difference maker in ensuring 2014 is your year.

Spend $10 or $100 either way you’ll get The Ultimate Advantage free

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