Boardroom Couple, A Rochester Hills Couple

Boardroom CoupleTM is run by Leonard and Julie Magro, one couple made from two entrepreneurs.  They have been married for 9 years and working together for 5 years.  They have two children and one crazy dog.

Their Story

“Entrepreneurship runs in our blood.  It was clear early in our marriage that we wanted our own business.  Corporate life was stifling both our daily life and our long term dreams.  So in 2005 we made the jump from employees to entrepreneurs.  In 2010, we celebrated five years in business together.”

…But, one day Leonard had an idea.  “Why not take everything we have learned about being married and working together and share it with other couples who are (or want to be) doing the same thing.”  Julie thought this was a great idea so Boardroom CoupleTM was born.

Their Philosophy

Boardroom CoupleTM is based on the philosophy that couples can work together successfully to make their businesses and marriages stronger.  While many people maintain their marriage could never survive working with their spouse, Julie & Leonard like to point out that the survival of our ancestors was based on successfully working with your spouse to manage the family farm.

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Media Inquiries

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Boardroom Couple
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Rochester, MI 48307

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