Book Review: One Lump or Two?

Chances are we all know someone either directly or indirectly suffering from cancer. We’ve worn the pink ribbons and slipped on the yellow bracelets to show our support, but how would you react to hearing the life-altering sentence, “You have cancer.”

Well, that’s exactly what Linda Sadler had a chance to find out firsthand when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2009. She isn’t a celebrity, but rather a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. How does an ordinary woman deal with the potential of losing an important part of herself? By asking the tongue-in-cheek question, “One Lump, or Two?”  and keeping a meticulous journal over the course of her breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and reconstruction, Linda holds nothing back. From enduring painful and extensive testing, to getting her new “chassis,” and figuring out what comes next, Linda takes it all in stride, but more importantly, she takes the reader right along with her.

During her journey we discover:  Where there are tears, there is laughter; where there is fear, there is also hope.  It’s not necessarily the lumps you face in life, but rather what you choose to do with them that really matters.

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