Breaking News: Body of missing Rochester Hills man is discovered

sheriffcroppedRochester Media has learned that the body of Matthew David Lyzen has been reportedly found in downtown Rochester. Mr. Lyzen went missing on January 24, 2014 after the Rochester Fire & Ice Festival. First responders to the scene said a gun had been found with the body. It is unclear what day the body was found and when the time of death was. Neither the Rochester Police Department nor the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department has released any formal statements at this time. Pixley Funeral Home in Rochester will be handling the arrangements. Rochester Media is trying to confirm all reports and will continue to follow the story.

Full UPDATE from Rochester Media with confirmation details

Read this UPDATE via The Oakland Press for more information

You can read the original story The Oakland Press ran about Lyzen’s disappearance HERE

Matt Lyzen MISSING from Rochester Hills Michigan - Jan 25 2014The photo is from the following site:

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  1. This is the only site with info. I’m not saying you’re wrong , but they had 100% identified him??? I’m sorry my heart is just breaking and I don’t want to believe it.

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