Bright Automotive to Develop New Hybrid in Rochester Hills

Bright Automotive, Inc. (Bright) is a new American company comprised of experienced automotive entrepreneurs who are responding to our nation’s growing energy and environmental demands.  They have developed a 100+ mile per gallon, purpose-built, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) for use in commercial and government fleets. 

This revolutionary product is a ground-up vehicle design with optimized platform physics, including: light weighting, best-in-class aerodynamics, low rolling resistance tires, and sustainable materials.  Bright is able to deliver this vehicle, at scale with world-class quality, superior to any product in its class. The Bright PHEV (a Class 1-2a van product) not only provides breakthrough efficiency and low cost of ownership, it is also designed to return stored energy back to the electrical grid, potentially reducing peak energy demand and associated greenhouse gas emissions.  Bright’s breakthrough automotive technology also provides enormous fuel savings and emission reductions for America’s national fleets.

Bright was launched as a stand-alone company in January 2008 from Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), building on the creative and expert work of a consortium of visionary organizations, including Alcoa, Duke Energy, Google, Johnson Controls, and the Turner Foundation.  Their management and design teams include some of the most experienced hybrid-electric vehicle engineers in the automotive industry.

Bright has applied for a direct loan under Section 136 of the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Program (ATVMLP).  The direct loan will be used for the design, development, and manufacture of the purpose-built, plug-in hybrid, electric vehicle (PHEV).

In addition to locating the headquarters functions of Bright Automotive in Rochester Hills, the Rochester Hills operations will be the primary center for research, design and development of energy efficient vehicles and vehicle technologies.  For example:

    • Complete HEV / PHEV / EV vehicle research, design & development engineering
    • Computer modeling, system simulation & analysis
    • Full studio services including 3D clay modeling
    • Vehicle prototyping and testing
    • Program Management including supplier sourcing

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