Bullet hole in resident’s rowboat; solicitor without permit with past burglary charges found in area and more

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Here is a selection of the latest Rochester Hills police reports from the last week.

Stolen purse from car while woman is at local hardware store

On Sunday, June 23, Rochester Hills Police received a report of a stolen purse from Auburn Road resident. The woman was shopping at a local hardware store and left her purse in her locked car—taking cash from it to make her purchases. She later noticed that the purse was missing but it did not appear anyone had broken into her car, as there was no forced entry. She called the hardware shop to see if anyone had turned in her purse, but no luck. She has since cancelled her credit cards and officers gave her proper identity theft prevention information. There are no suspects at this time.

Missing mailbox only one in area

On Saturday, June 22, a Washington Road resident reported his mailbox was stolen. When officers investigated, it seems this mailbox is the only one missing in the area. There is no further information at this time.

Solicitor without permit discovered to have burglary charges in past

On Thursday, June 20, Rochester Hills Police responded to a call about a suspicious door-to-door magazine salesman. Officers found the subject per description given by the call-in. The man was found talking with a Bloomer Road resident at the front door. Officers interviewed the salesman to learn more about what the man was doing in the area. He said he was selling magazines and books and is a sale representative of a media company.

But the salesman did not have the proper permit to solicit products in Rochester Hills, nor did he not have a driver’s license on hand but only had a laminated photo ID card.  Upon further questioning, officers found the man is originally from Texas and has been arrested for burglary in the past. But the man explained he is working with his new company and getting his life on track, according to the report.

He also explained that his media company transports their sales representatives all over the country to sell magazines and books door-to-door. Officers then brought the man back to the Rochester Hills Substation for follow up since he did not have proper ID or a selling permit for the area.

The officer confirmed through a photo ID match who the man was by contacting Texas police. The man was then issued an appearance ticket for peddlers, solicitors and itinerant merchants. A deputy escorted the man to 52-3rd District Court where he was arraigned on the ticket. The man was unable to post bond at $10,000 10 percent and was kept at the Oakland County Jail. The case is now closed.

Walmart shopper steals $49-battery, police unable to find him

On Tuesday, June 18, Rochester Hills Police investigated a retail fraud suspect at Walmart on Adams Road. Making the report, the store detective called in when he observed a shopper attempt to leave the store with a backup battery. When the store detective approached the man, prior to leaving, the man took off, running out of the store. The battery retail value is $49.88. Officers checked the surrounding area for the suspect but did not find him. They reviewed Walmart’s video surveillance and the store detective was advised to contact police if the man shows up again.

Bullet hole in local resident’s rowboat

Also on Tuesday, June 18, Rochester Hills Police investigated a damaged rowboat. The Kingsview Ave resident making the report told officers that within the last week, someone had shot a hole in his rowboat, which was near the pond behind his house. When the resident tried to use his boat recently, he noticed it was taking on water. When officers investigated, the hole in the right side wall of the boat appeared to be a bullet hole. The resident had not seen anyone near his boat and does not remember hearing gunshots. There are no suspects at this time.



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