By the Numbers: Michigan Picks Trump and Sanders

The turnout for the Michigan March 8, 2016 presidential primary election is a record with 2.4 million voters showing up to pick Donald J. Trump on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side. Yesterday’s turnout beats the 1972 record of 1.7 million votes cast. Clinton beat Sanders in Oakland County, however the Rochester Hills tally was similar to the Michigan numbers.

Michigan Votes

Michigan Votes

Michigan Totals

Republican Primary

Candidates Vote Pct. Delegates
Trump Donald J. Trump 481,657 36.5% 25
Cruz Ted Cruz 328,718 24.9% 17
Kasich John Kasich 320,457 24.3% 17
Rubio Marco Rubio 123,085 9.3%
Other 65,271 4.9%

Democratic Primary

Candidates Vote Pct. Delegates
Sanders Bernie Sanders 592,415 49.8% 65
Clinton Hillary Clinton 573,861 48.3% 58
Other 22,539 1.9%


Oakland County Breakdown


Top Three Republicans

 Donald J. Trump  36.21%  69,399
 John R. Kasich  31.86%  61,053
 Ted Cruz  17.55%  33,634

Top Two Democrats

 Hillary Clinton  51.35%  92,296
 Bernie Sanders  46.83%  84,158


Rochester Hills by the Numbers


Voter turnout= 43.7%
Republican voters= 63.4%
Democrat voters= 36.6%

Donald J. Trump 34.6%
John Kasich 32.8%
Ted Cruz 17.1%
Marco Rubio 10.1%

Bernie Sanders 49.1%
Hillary Clinton 48.4%

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