Candidates for Rochester Hills Mayoral Race with VIDEO

Rochester Media and The Community Edge had a chance to capture video of all three candidates running for mayor of Rochester Hills. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. While there will be only two names on the ballot that day, there are three full bids for the seat. Jim Stevens and Ravi Yalamanchi are on the ballot and Mayor Bryan Barnett is running as a Write-In candidate. Each video is about three minutes, please take a few moments to hear from all three candidates.

First up is Jim Stevens, talking on a brisk October morning at Avondale Park near his home in Rochester Hills:

More about Mr. Stevens campaign can be found at


From his Rochester Hills home, former city councilmember for Rochester Hills Ravi Yalamanchi explains why he would like to be mayor :

Mr. Yalamanchi has more about his run for office at


Running as a Write-In candidate, where voters will have to write-in “Bryan Barnett” under the other two names and fill in the oval circle next to his name, is the current Mayor of Rochester Hills. Mayor Barnett shares how much the city is a big part of his life and why he wants a third term:

More about Mayor Barnett is available at


All three videos are exclusive to Rochester Media and The Community Edge.

Please remember to vote on Tuesday, November 3.

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