Local Author Pens a New Book of Poems about the Painful Healing of her Son’s Suicide

Finishing Line Press is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of Sleepwalker, a chapbook of poems by Rochester writer, Linda K. Sienkiewicz. The book will be released on May 19, however advanced copies are available now. Sienkiewicz will be personally donating a percentage of the advanced orders to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Linda K. Sienkiewicz’s poems speak to hard-earned compassion and painful healing after her eldest son’s suicide. Trying to make sense of … [Read more...]

‘The Weight Is Over: My Battle with Obesity’ by Eric Johnson

UPDATED (EVENT MOVED FROM ROCHESTER HILLS TO COMMERCE): Author, Eric Johnson will be conducting a “Meet and Greet” on Friday, March 31, 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m, at Kroger grocery store located at 47060 Pontiac Trail, Commerce, MI 48390. The obesity rate in the United States is nearly 42%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Black adults have the highest rates of obesity, with nearly half earning that title. In his inspiring, heart-wrenching, and challenging … [Read more...]

Local Author Publishes Debut Middle Grade Novel

Author Dani Resh, of Rochester Hills, takes readers on a riveting journey into the unknown with her fantastical debut book. Compass to Vinland, the first in The Magic Shoe Series, is told through the eyes of Wren Larkin and his two unlikely friends, who discover three pairs of magical shoes. Magic attracts mischief, and when strangers arrive looking for the shoes, Wren and his friends flee to Underfoot, an underground settlement full of magical creatures. Resh uses something as ordinary … [Read more...]

Grampa’s Labyrinth: Journey To Devil’s Kitchen

Michigan Author Robert A. Lytle Transports His Characters and His Readers Back in Time to 1823 Mackinac Island Charlotte doesn’t believe the story of how her older cousins were transported back in time three years earlier. On a dare, she tricks her cousin Charlie to return to Grampa’s labyrinth (the time portal) with three other cousins, Oscar, Henry, and Liam. The maze sends the five cousins from the year 2014 to the year 1823 – they arrive on Mackinac Island during America’s wild and … [Read more...]

LOST Lessons The Book Series

LOST Lessons was written by Randy Johnson and David Rutledge. The book has been well received and is reaching varied individuals. Young adults who are dedicated followers of Jesus Christ are learning to see media, Hollywood and even the world from a Christian perspective, while those who aren’t necessarily connecting with a church are seeing Jesus in a fresh way. Based on this success, the authors decided to write on Season 2 of LOST, but with a twist: they involved 56 high school juniors … [Read more...]

Throwing Grapes & Moving Mountains – New book by local author Jan Hegelein

The beauty of a word from God is that it ignites a passion within your spirit. It satisfies an underlying thirst you did not know you had and it births a fierce longing for more! Spiritual growth is not a given, yet it is open to all who would seek after God. His love shouts through the pages of His Word, and Throwing Grapes and Moving Mountains provides an open window to glimpse the grandeur of God's passion and commitment to His children. Soak in the truths found within, and your walk with … [Read more...]

Little While Times by Combs and Johnson

It is comforting to experience that you don’t have to be an expert to succeed. Pastor Jim got a buck his very first time deer hunting. He wasn’t in his prearranged location, he hadn’t shot the gun before, and his only bait was a Twinkie wrapper that he had dropped. He didn’t realize until later how amazing of an experience that was. It is not so comforting to realize that it is difficult to succeed in life. We will go through difficult times. These times don’t have to be because of wrong choices … [Read more...]

Just Released! Mr. Blair’s Labyrinth $9.95 Available Now At Lytle Pharmacy

Like Robert Lytle’s other seven novels, Mr. Blair’s Labyrinth is marketed for the 9- to 14-year-old set. However, these Michigan-based adventures extend to a much greater audience including teachers, parents and senior citizens. Many are read in Michigan schools for their life lessons and fast-paced adventures.  Mr. Blair’s Labyrinth tells of two teenaged brothers who visit Grampa’s new home as he is rebuilding an old garden, originally built by the estate’s first owner, Frank Blair.  Mr. … [Read more...]

Book Review: One Lump or Two?

Chances are we all know someone either directly or indirectly suffering from cancer. We’ve worn the pink ribbons and slipped on the yellow bracelets to show our support, but how would you react to hearing the life-altering sentence, “You have cancer.” Well, that’s exactly what Linda Sadler had a chance to find out firsthand when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2009. She isn’t a celebrity, but rather a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. How does an ordinary woman deal … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: The Shack

I recieved The Shack as a Christmas present this year and I am excited to dive into it.  Reading some of the reviews and the fact that this book was ranked in the top 10 for highest sales in 2010 leads me to believe it is a great book. One review on Amazon states:  "William P. Young's book has an intriguing premise. Years ago, a father name MacKenzie Phillips took his children camping and lost one of them to a man who has kidnapped and killed others. Mack has grieved since then. His marriage … [Read more...]