Book Review: The Success Principles

I recently had the pleasure of  going through Jack Canfield's new book, The Success Principles.  Most of you are probably already familiar with Canfield's hit series Chicken Noodle Soup For The Soul.  This new book is his inside look at what made him capable of selling over 80 million copies of a manuscript that was initially rejected by over 123 publishers.  In The Success Principles, he hands out 64 tips for how to accomplish anything!  Some of my personal favorites are: "You are 100% … [Read more...]

Getting Things Done

I have been reading this book by David Allen called Getting Things Done and it has some remarkable insights about how we think. He comments that the big buzz word today is "Time Management" but really it should be "Mind Management" For example, how could we manage to make 5 minutes into 6 minutes? You cannot manage information overload and you cannot manage priorities- you simply have them. But what we can manage is our actions! This is the key to our success. The Franklin Planners and the Palm … [Read more...]