Cherish Each Encounter

Life’s unpredictability has its way of turning my emotions upside down like a roller coaster. Yesterday, I found myself starting to cry, feeling completely discouraged in regards to a difficult situation that has no end in sight. Oddly enough, in that same moment, I felt like I had an unrelated revelation about my life. A quiet realization that caused incredible happiness to coexist with that sorrow.

I was fortunate to have caring and dedicated parents growing up. In addition to them, I was blessed with other great influences. One in a friend who had a very special mother. Her name was Beth, and she had this wonderful gift of making everyone feel like they were the most special person in the world. I decided then that she was exactly the kind of person I wanted to be. She listened enthusiastically, gave generously, and was pulled together, but not so much that she seemed perfect. I was heartbroken when she passed away in my late teens, but it spurred me on even more to pursue loving others in the way she did.

As I cried yesterday, I realized that in the years that have passed, life has slowly shaped me towards becoming just as I hoped I would. Some challenges that I have faced aren’t ones that I would have chosen, but they are the perfect things that needed to happen to me to create that heart like Beth outwardly expressed. Things that have helped me discern what is worthy of my time, and what things are superficial and will fade.

Though I only knew her from an outside view, I’m sure she was aware of her shortcomings (as I am keenly aware of mine) she made quite the impression on me. She apparently impacted me down to some strange details. I noticed in that moment, that I too ironically have a saddle as decoration in my living room, which I recalled was the case in her home 20 years ago. That surprised me as I laughed at the unconsciously similar design choice that I had made.

I’m thankful that people in my life displayed how to love well, serve humbly, and compassionately accept others. Whether you had those kind of examples in your life or not, it’s never too late to grow into who you hope to be. I still have so much changing to do, as those who know me best would honestly confirm. Nevertheless, I will keep striving in hope that my life will be worthy enough to inspire another little heart somewhere. You may never know whose heart wants to follow after yours, so cherish each one that you meet.

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