Christmas Day Poem by Loren Siffring 2013

You are the light, dear Jesus, by whom we now see love,
You chose to become man and come down from above.
Changing our darkness so overclouded with sin
To your brightness, by your Spirit, changing us within.LorenSiffring-Contemplative

Let your justice, love and kindness lead our way today.
Empowering all that’s in our hearts for all we do and say.
So that all our words and acts cause glory to your name,
Showing that for all things vital, the source is just the same.

Your promise, long awaited, came to pass and is the reason
We exceedingly rejoice and worship you this season.
You freely gave your life to us so that our hope will thrive,
For from your birth till your words “it is finished”, you’re alive.

By Dr. Loren Siffring, Christmas Day 2013

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