Cider Mills Open with Bumper Apple Crop

Bumper Crop 2013

The Michigan apple crop is back. After last year’s disappointing drop of 90%, causing apple and cider prices to rise, the apple crop is way above average for this fall season. Only 2.7 million bushels were harvested in Michigan in 2012. This year, an estimated 30 million bushels is expected.

Yates Cider Mill  - photo by Michael Dwyer

Yates Cider Mill – photo by Michael Dwyer

“Many factors have contributed to this large crop,” said Diane Smith, Michigan Apple Committee executive director. “Great weather this past spring and summer, including cool nights, plenty of rain as well as a good amount of sunshine certainly helped. In addition, a long dormant period allowed the trees to store energy to help create a large crop. Finally, a lot of hard work by our growers ultimately gives us a great quality crop of good-sized, flavorful Michigan apples.”

The greater Rochester Area is fortunate to have several cider mills for residents to visit. Here’s the run-down with notes about each one:

Yates Cider Mill

Yates is celebrating 150 years of operating this year. Special Events are planned during the week of September 16-21. Pony rides, giveaways, cider happy hours, ice cream socials and magic shows are all part of the celebration. On Saturday, September 21, Rochester Hills mayor, Bryan Barnett, will be presenting Yates with a Sesquicentennial Plaque by the Michigan Historic Commission.

Yates has many activities and has access to the Clinton River and the Clinton River Trail.

Goodison Cider Mill - photo by Michael Dwyer

Goodison Cider Mill – photo by Michael Dwyer

Goodison Cider Mill

“The small cider mill with large appeal” has added a new product this year, Pistachio Nut Bread Muffins. The “world famous” Pistachio Nut Bread is such a hit; people come from all over to buy a loaf. Now, they offer the smaller, bite-size option for walkers, for bikers, or for people who just wanted to try it.

Goodison is the small blue & white building next to Baldwin Elementary on the north end of the village of Goodison in Oakland Twp. on Orion Road.

Rochester Cider Mill

North of town on Rochester Road is the Rochester Cider Mill. All the favorites will be back this year including their custom cider blends. Throughout the season, guests may try their grape, pear, cranberry, blueberry, and holiday cider blends. Most will be available later in the season; however, the pear cider should be ready next week. They recommend signing-up to receive a call when your choice of blended cider is available.

Rochester Cider Mill  - photo by Michael Dwyer

Rochester Cider Mill – photo by Michael Dwyer

Rochester Cider Mill has the best deal when it comes to cider and donuts with the lowest prices in the area.

Paint Creek Cider Mill

Since Oakland Twp. took possession of the cider mill building a few years ago, they have leased out the retail area to several businesses in a row. The current tenant offers food items such as pizza, sandwiches, wraps and ice cream. They have cider from Blake’s Orchard (Romeo, MI) – a large pasteurized blend – and offer their own hand-pressed cider. Paint Creek has the highest prices in the area.

The Paint Creek Cider Mill eatery and the Goodison Cider Mill are in the village of Goodison, just a quarter-mile apart, and both are close to the Paint Creek Trail. Try both on a Sunday – their big day – with lots of activities for all ages.

All the Mills have your typical “cider mill products” such as donuts, pies, breads, old-fashioned candy and caramel apples. They are family-run and hours will vary during the season based on business. All have free parking. Rochester Media suggests you call ahead for hours, activities, and product availability.

If you go …

Goodison Cider Mill
4295 Orion Road
Gallon: $8.50
Half-Gallon: $4.75
Dozen: $7.25
Half-Dozen: $4.50


Rochester Cider Mill
5125 Rochester Road
Gallon: $7.00
Half-Gallon: $4.50
Dozen: $6.00
Half-Dozen: $3.75


Yates Cider Mill
1990 East Avon Road
Gallon: $8.50
Half-Gallon: $5.10
Dozen: $6.10
Half-Dozen: $3.50


Paint Creek Cider Mill
4480 Orion Road
Gallon: $9.50
Half-Gallon: $5.50
Dozen: $7.99
Half-Dozen: $4.95


For a complete listing of Mills & Farms in Michigan, visit the Pure Michigan Website


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