Cold Weather Safety

The Fire & Ice Festival is here! There are a huge variety of activities to do so make sure you’re ready to hang out all weekend. The temperatures will be plenty cold to keep those 25133499ice sculptures looking beautiful but you will need to take a few extra cold-weather precautions, especially for young children.

1. Eat smart. Staying healthy begins with a healthy diet that nurtures a healthy immune system. Read this if you need some great ideas.

2. Stay hydrated. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the winter due to drier air and cold temperatures. Your child won’t sweat as much and it’s more difficult for them to realize they’re thirsty.

3. Protect your skin. I always apply coconut oil to my kids faces and lips before we go outside. Carry lip protectant with you. I love the ones from Moon River Soap Company.

4. Wear appropriate clothing. Layering is always the best method! I have my kids wear posx5gtdcotheir pajamas under sweatpants then their snowsuits on top of that. The pajamas fit snugly against their bodies to prevent any chafing. Bring a couple of extra pairs of socks as well just in case of wet feet. Don’t forget to be extra careful with young children that require a ride in a car seat. Experts are now warning parents to do the ‘pinch test‘ when putting a child in their car seat with a winter coat on. I love the suggestion from The Car Seat Lady for children to wear their coats backwards although I’m sure my daughter would rip hers off in 2 seconds flat.

5. Check hands and feet frequently. Make sure the extremities are staying warm. Children will often block out pain in order to continue playing.

6. Extra clothing. I have a small plastic tote in my truck that is filled with an extra change of clothing for my kids as well as a few snacks and some bottled water. You don’t want to have to leave early if your child has an accident or spills something. You also don’t want your child walking around with wet pants. Yikes!

Enjoy the Fire & Ice Festival this weekend! For more information, check the Fire & Ice Festival’s Facebook page.

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