Commissioner Helaine M. Zack Named 2015 Taubman Fellow

On July 6, 2015, will join an elite group of elected officials to attend Harvard University and participate in the distinguished Taubman Fellows program. She will join Senior Executives in State and Local Government from across the nation.

Oakland County Commissioner Helaine M. Zack

Oakland County Commissioner
Helaine M. Zack 

The Taubman Company’s Fellowship for Executive Excellence program will give Commissioner Zack the opportunity to learn from leading representatives in management and public sector leadership.

Since being elected to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners in 2002, Commissioner Zack has been instrumental in creating many programs which have improved the quality of life for Oakland County residents. Many of her efforts have included serving on the Curbing Gun Violence Study Group Committee, where she focused on mental health relating to the issue of gun violence. As a member of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, she was instrumental in developing policies to address jail overcrowding and alternative solutions for the mentally-ill placed in jail.

Her work on behalf of victims of domestic violence and seniors, have resulted in creating public awareness and promoting services that provide assistance to these populations. Commissioner Zack was instrumental in organizing the County’s Silver Tsunami strategic plan, which resulted in creating initiatives to better serve the aging population in Oakland County.

Commissioner Zack currently serves as the Minority Vice Chairperson of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Human Resources Committee and is a member of the Board’s Finance Committee. She is very involved in the community serving as a board member for the Southeastern Michigan Council of Governments, the Area Agency on Aging 1-B, the Haven Campaign Committee, the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit and the Tri-Community Coalition Advisory Board.

In 2007, Commissioner Zack was awarded the National Easter Seals Disability Services Award for her passionate advocacy on behalf of the developmentally disabled.

Commissioner Zack is the second female Commissioner from Oakland County’s Board to be selected as a Taubman Fellow and is one of only three former Oakland County Commissioners to be selected for this prestigious honor.

Oakland County leaders recognize the significance of Commissioner Zack’s accomplishment by expressing the following.

“I want to Congratulate Commissioner Zack for being selected as a Tubman Fellow. It is a great honor for her as well as the Board of Commissioners. I look forward to discussing her learnings with her upon her return to determine how we can utilize this experience to advance Oakland County,” stated Oakland County Board Chairman Michael J. Gingell.

“I am honored to have been selected as a Taubman fellow. I look forward to learning new tools to maximize my effectiveness as a County Commissioner,” stated Oakland County Commissioner Helaine M. Zack.

Commissioner Helaine M. Zack (D) represents the 18th District, which consists of the communities of Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, and the Charter Township of Royal Oak. She is serving her seventh term on the Board.

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