Congressman Mike Rogers will not run again, could Mayor Bryan Barnett replace him?

The Oakland Press reported this week that U.S. Representative Mike Rogers will not run for reelection this year. There is now a Facebook page and a lot of excited people in Rochester Hills talking about our own Mayor Bryan Barnett running for Congress!
The Oakland Press said, “Rogers’ decision not to seek another term now raises the question about his own political future — he isn’t ruling out a return to national politics — and the question about who his successor in Congress might be.

With the April 22 filing deadline looming, many are expected to take a look at the seat, if not actually enter the race.

Among the Republican names already tossed about are former Michigan Republican Party chair Saul Anuzis, Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett, and former Michigan Senate majority leader Mike Bishop.” Read full article here.

Join the Facebook page for Bryan Barnett for Congress.


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  1. Welp, now we know why the mayor signed all of those oil lease without telling anyone – he made a deal with The Devil. 93 percent of Thorn Ridge don’t want drilling. Barnett obviously knew that he wasn’t going to get reelected. This deal was made long before that. As a side note, the real oil is under Rochester – not Rochester Hills. Since Rochester was smart enough to reject drilling (apparently, Barnett is lying when he says that we have no choice), they need Stoney Creek Cemetery to get to the oil under Rochester. The other oil-bearing locations are just smoke and mirrors to distract residents from this truth.

  2. Scot Beaton says

    Rochester Media… I’m extremely disappointed that you have chosen to be nothing more than a brag rag for Mayor Barnett. You have now posted two stories on Barnett and zero news reports on the other candidates including hometown Rochester Mike Bishop who has a roughly 30% name recognition to Barnett’s 5%; within the Republican Party in the 8th congressional district.

    Rochester Media… I would strongly suggest you pull both Barnett stories and re post a fair and balanced news story about the 8th congressional district… or is it true the job of the Rochester Media is just to suck-up to Barnett!

  3. Scot Beaton says

    Mike Rogers endorsement Mike Bishop

    Dear Friend,

    I want to take a moment to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the kindness and well-wishes that I have received over the last ten days since announcing I would not seek another term as your Congressman. I feel very blessed. Beyond my personal thanks, I also wanted to take some time to discuss the future of the 8th Congressional District.

    Every public servant wants to know that his constituents will be well served after he leaves which is why, today, I am announcing my endorsement of conservative leader Mike Bishop to be your next Congressman.

    Mike Bishop is the right conservative for the 8th District. He has the experience and capability to stand up to liberal policies of the Obama administration, just like he stood up and fought against the liberal policies of the Granholm administration. Mike Bishop is a proven conservative leader who has courage and conviction beyond reproach.

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