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Spending quality time with our kids and teens is critical to their growth and development—and it fosters strong bonds and relationships. But, in our fast-paced lives, finding opportunities for quality time together can be a daily challenge.
“We’re working and commuting longer hours. Our kids’ schedules are packed. Budgets are tight. And planning even small outings takes time and energy,” said RHPL library director Christine Lind Hage.
Fortunately, there are a variety of things to do, new adventures to begin, and amazing things to learn—right at your Rochester Hills Public Library. For instance on Monday February 20th from 11 – 11:45 the Library will be hosting the Michigan Opera Theaters performance of The Pied Piper of Hamlin. Jaclyn Miller, the new head of Youth Services said, “This is a delightful musical adaptation with music and libretto by the dean of children’s opera, Seymour Barab.” The free program is restricted to residents of Rochester, Rochester Hills and Oakland Township and pre-registration is required.
Libraries are the place to connect with your kids, to open up new worlds, to spark imagination, to encourage reading, to help develop critical thinking and to prepare and support kids and teens in school and life. And all of the materials and programs available at the library are free!
The Rochester Hills Public Library is located in downtown Rochester off of University Drive and 3 blocks east of Main Street. The library is open from 9 – 9 Monday through Thursday, 9 – 6 on Fridays and Saturday and Sundays from 1 – 6. The library’s website ( has information on how to register for a card and access all of the library’s services.

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