Cooking with Apples this Season

Anyone can toss a ripe Granny Smith in their lunch bag or grab a Honey Crisp on their way out the door. But this autumn, Michiganders want to consume apples in new ways as refreshing as the pomaceous fruit itself.

Picture 2We are curious how to add the tart, vitamin C-packed snack to our appetizer lineup before the Lions football game on Sunday; or how to embellish our family dinner and side dishes this evening; how to put a new spin on the beloved dessert found in a pie pan all the way to learning how to include the pulpy fruit in our favorite sipping selections.

Here are a few apple recipes for fall.

Happily apple appetizers:

If you’re a cheese lover like us, here are a couple snackers to throw on your grocery list before the football game this weekend:

Cheddar and apple panin bites from

Cheddar and apple panini bites

Find a list of ingredients and the recipe here.

Cheese + crackers topped with apple, from Cabot Cheese’s website.

Cheese + crackers topped with caramelized apples

To learn how to toss these together to wow your Honolulu blue-wearing guests, click here.



Apple Gouda quesadillas from

Apple Gouda quesadillas from

Apple Gouda quesadillas

I know we promised only 12 of our favorite recipes, but we’ve squeezed a couple extra in—And maybe these apple Gouda quesadillas will catch your eye, too. Visit for the full details.

From, crock-pot pork and apples to make the cooking process that much easier.

Crock-pot pork and apples

Short on cooking time? Throw these ingredients into your crock-pot before you head out for the day and let the warming combo fill your home with appetite-inducing scents. Here is the full rundown for this meal idea.


Crock-pot country ribs with apples and sauerkraut from

Crock-pot country ribs with apples and sauerkraut

Another crock-pot favorite that you might fall in love with, too, is the crock-pot country ribs, apples and sauerkraut. Interested in more? Find the list of ingredients and step-by-step process here.


A side dish embellished with apples:

Braised red cabbage and apples combo

Braised red cabbage and apples from

Braised red cabbage and apples from

Looking for a healthy but flavorful side dish to pair with your dinner tonight? We found this culinary creation on Martha Stewart’s site, and you might just bookmark it, too. You can find the recipe here.




Slow cooker applesauce

Make your own applesauce with step-by-step instructions from

Make your own applesauce with step-by-step instructions from

Whether you are a first-grader or in your refined age, everyone seems to adore applesauce. And if you are intrigued by homemade creations, try this recipe. (Fun tip that we’re certain you already know, but applesauce is a great dipping side with pork for dinner)



Southern apple crisp cookies

Southern apple crisp cookies from

Southern apple crisp cookies from

If you are searching for a warm dessert to serve that reminds you (and your guests) of southern living, brings us a fairly simple take on a loveable apple crisp cookie. Check it out here.



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