Corrin Barnett Performs Live at Royal Park Hotel

As a fresh year is just getting started, Corrin Barnett, wife of Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett, is bringing her musical talents to the Oakland County area as she performs weekly throughout the community.
A gifted, versatile performer with a wide repertoire, Corrin also spends a great deal of her time giving back to the community in various ways.
For the past two years, proceeds from her holiday CD, “Just the Beginning,” were donated to several local charities and organizations. The sales of her CD have benefitted Rainbow Connection, Rochester Community House Community Kitchen, Grace Centers of Hope, and Hamlin PTA. In addition to those donations, Corrin continues to perform throughout the year for nonprofit organization benefits and fundraisers.
“My band and I have a great time performing locally and connecting with the community,” said Corrin. “It’s a chance for us to perform and also provides a different venue to my career and local outreach.”

While Corrin continually gives back to the community, she also loves sharing her passion for music with children who receive private lessons from her. Corrin meets with 30-50 students on a weekly basis in her private studio, providing them with excellent vocal and piano training and is always looking for new performance outlets for them. Many of her students are also seen performing throughout the Rochester area and nationally.

Corrin will perform at the Royal Park Hotel Friday nights from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. The hotel is located at 600 E. University Drive in downtown Rochester.
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  1. Deborah Campbell says

    Great to hear that you are teaching my grand daughter vocal lessons.

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