County officials show bi-partisan support for Medicaid Reform in Michigan

Oakland County Commissioner Marcia Gershenson and Commissioner Bill Dwyer introduced a bi-partisan resolution urging state legislators to support Governor Snyder’s proposed expansion to Medicaid on May 9, 2013.

Gershenson states, “Our resolution supports increasing medical coverage to over 40,000 Oakland County residents and brings an estimated 2.1 billion dollars in economic activity to our state.  In addition, Medicaid reform will bring an estimated 18,000 health care jobs to enhance Oakland County’s Medical Main Street initiative and save our state over 1.1 billion dollars. “

Co-sponsor of the Medicaid Resolution 13112, along with Commissioner Gershenson, Oakland County Commissioner Bill Dwyer believes reform is beneficial across the spectrum, stating,

“I am proud to join in support of Governor Snyder’s efforts to expand coverage and decrease costs to the state. This proposal is a win-win for Michigan because it increases coverage to working families and provides much needed savings to the state’s budget. This should not be a partisan issue; it’s about doing the smart thing for our future.”

In support of her fellow commissioners’ resolution and the governor’s Medicaid Reform proposal, Commissioner Helaine Zack explained, “Medicaid expansion would help increase the availability of mental health and many other medical services in our county.”

This bi-partisan effort highlights the benefits of reform by identifying the positive economic impact that will result from this effort as well as the ability for increased health care coverage for Michigan and Oakland County residents. It is the hope that state leaders will support Medicaid Reform.

The resolution is scheduled to go through the committee process, before it is voted on by the full Oakland County Board of Commissioners. Once this process is complete copies of the resolution will be sent to the Oakland County Delegation of the Michigan State Legislators, Governor Rick Snyder, the Oakland County legislative lobbyist and the Michigan Association of Counties by the Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds.

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