Crime Files: Forged probation signatures; stolen fur coat and more

Speed sign knocked over on Parkdale Ave.

On Sunday, Jan. 26 around 2:30 a.m., a Rochester resident told police about a downed digital speed limit pole on Parkdale Ave. After the resident heard a loud bang outside their home, they saw the pole on the ground but were unable to identify the car that hit the speed sign. According to the report, vehicle tracks were seen leaving the roadway onto the sidewalk where the pole was found, disconnected from the base. Officers have no further information.

Fraudulent expenses tracked to Texas

On Saturday, Jan. 25, the Rochester Police Department investigated a report of credit card theft. A 53-year-old Rochester resident told police he was alerted by his credit card company of fraudulent purchases on his account, traced to Austin, Tx. The charges, totaling $754.97, were made earlier that day. The Rochester man confirmed he could not have made those purchases.

Waterford resident posts bond for three warrants after arrested in Rochester

On Friday, Jan. 24, a business located at Walnut and University notified Rochester Police of customer trouble. According to the report, the officer who investigated the situation learned the 38-year-old Waterford resident had three warrants for arrest. After being taken to the police station, the arrestee posted bond on all warrants. There is no further information.

Rochester resident forges probation breath test signatures

On Thursday, Jan 23, a Rochester Police dispatcher shared that a 31-year-old Rochester man may have forged more than one signature on his preliminary breath test (PBT) form. The man, under probation, presented the form to the dispatcher, which happened to have her signature. The first error she noticed was the signature did not match her usual signature. Secondly, the date of the signature indicated a day she was not on duty. There were other illegible markings, according to the report, indicating another dispatcher had signed the form, but also on a day this other dispatcher was not working either. The man confessed to forging all signatures, once officers had a chance to question him. The man’s probation officer was informed of the violation and a copy of the report was sent to the 48th District Court Probation Department.

Fur coat—valued at $2,500—stolen from local shop

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, a local business owner told Rochester Police she was missing a floor-length, white fur coat, which is valued at $2,500. The coat is a Hudson’s brand fur coat with three initials embroidered inside. There are no witnesses at this time.

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