Crime Files: Garage sale theft, stolen purse, broken basement window and more

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Latest crime reports from the Rochester Hills Police Department:

Porch railing and plants taken from vacant home

On Tuesday, May 7, a Donley Ave homeowner notified Rochester Hills Police of stolen iron rails from his vacant home. An iron planter with hosta plants was also missing from the home’s yard. Officers talked with neighbors, but are unsure who would have taken the items.

Garage sale thief

On Monday, May 6, a Snowmass Drive resident reported someone had stolen her cell phone mid-garage sale over the weekend. The woman placed her cell phone on a back table separate from the main sale area, but noticed it was missing. She has replaced the phone, as there are no suspects at this time.

Missing hubcap at fabric store

On Sunday, May 5, the Rochester Hills Police Department investigated a report of larceny from someone’s car at Jo-Ann Fabric. The shopper reported that the right rear wheel hubcap was stolen from her car while parked in front of the store. There was no video surveillance available and no trace of the hubcap.

Unsuccessful car larceny

On Friday, May 3, a Marquette Drive resident reported damage to her vehicle, which was parked overnight in front of her home. When the woman tried to unlock her car door, her key would not fit. She discovered that someone attempted to pry the car door handle open but were unsuccessful. There were pry-like marks in the door handle, so photos were taken, but there are no suspects at this time.

MIA license plate

On Wednesday, May 1, a woman working as a home healthcare provider at a Marquette Drive residence reported someone stole her license plate. Her license plate was on her vehicle when she arrived at the home around 10 a.m., but by 2:15 p.m., was missing. It was noted that the plate was stolen and the woman was advised to visit the Secretary of State’s office.

Life Time locker larceny

Also on Wednesday, May 1, Rochester Hills Police received a report of a stolen wallet, set of car keys and headphone case from the men’s locker room at Life Time Fitness on Avon Road. The man who filed the report mentioned he was unsure whether he lost his locker key while working out or if he left the key in the lock prior to hitting the gym. Everything was missing from his locker, nonetheless. But, the man’s vehicle was still in the parking lot when he realized his car keys were missing, too. There are no cameras to provide surveillance. Proper identity theft precautions were taken.

Rochester Police Department updates:

Stolen purse from car in apartment complex parking lot

On Thursday, May 2, Rochester Police investigated a report of a purse larceny on Ironwood Court. A 51-year-old St. Clair Shores woman said someone stole her purse from her car. A nearby witness observed a possible suspect park near the woman’s vehicle prior to the incident but no arrests were made.

Drunk driving from campus

On Wednesday, May 1 around midnight, a female driver was pulled over as she was leaving Oakland University’s campus for missing several stop signs. Rochester Police later learned she was driving while intoxicated and was arrested. The 24-year-old woman was given a breathalyzer test, registering a 0.13-blood alcohol content. She was held until sober and received several citations, according to reports.

Night driving without headlights leads to DUI

Rochester Police arrested a 23-year-old Shelby Township woman on Saturday, April 28 after stopping her for driving without using her headlights. She was given a breathalyzer test with results of 0.15-blood alcohol content. She was later released with the according citations.

Broken basement window

Also on Saturday, April 28, Rochester Police investigated a possible attempted break-in on North Castell Ave around 1 a.m. According to dispatch, the resident heard someone break their basement window roughly 15 minutes prior.  There are no witnesses and no suspects at this time.

Nabbed CDs and cash

Still on Saturday, April 28, an Ironwood Court resident reported that someone stole CDs and cash from his vehicle over night. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time.

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