Crime Files: man cuts off tether, turns himself in; local phone scam and more

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Here are some of the latest police reports shared by the Rochester Police Department. Take a look:

88-year-old resident falls victim to phone scam

On Tuesday, March 18, Rochester Police learned of a case involving fraud. The 88-year-old resident told police he received a phone call about winning $500,000 and a new Mercedes vehicle. According to the report, the man was convinced to send $3,500 to a money card to cover the cost of taxes on his winnings. The victim was suspicious when the representatives called back saying he was $700 short. The man did not send any more money and alerted police. Investigators have been assigned to the case, but “unfortunately have very few leads to follow up on,” said the report.

Morocco immigrant cuts of police tether, turns himself in

On Saturday, March 22, an Auburn Hills man arrived at the Rochester Police station to turn himself in around 9 a.m. The 28-year-old had been placed on a tether due to conflicts involving his immigration status. The man is originally from Morocco and arrived at the station tell officers he managed to cut off his tether. He requested the officers to call the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department (ICE) to which agents took the man into custody, based on his current immigration status.

Van gets egged overnight in Rochester

Also on Saturday, March 22, a Griggs Street resident reported someone had thrown eggs at his vehicle. The man’s van was parked overnight and found with egg remains the following morning. There are no suspects at this time and no permanent damage was done to the van.

Leonard, Mich. man arrested for driving with suspended license

On Sunday, March 23, a Rochester Police officer was running stationary speed radar on University Drive near Madison Avenue, according to the report. Around 11 p.m., the officer registered a vehicle passing at 47 miles-per-hour in a designated 25 miles-per-hour area. The officer later learned the man, a 31-year-old Leonard resident, was driving with a suspended license. The man was arrested and booked in Rochester Lock Up.

West Bloomfield resident is found ‘super drunk’ downtown

Also on Sunday, March 23, Rochester Police stopped a 24-year-old West Bloomfield resident for not stopping at a stop sign at Walnut Blvd. and Second Street. When the officer tried to catch up to the driver, the man sped up to roughly 60 miles-per-hour in a 35-miles-per-hour zone. After several field sobriety tests, officers arrested the man and took him to Rochester Lock Up. The driver’s breath test registered at 0.23 percent blood-alcohol content. A warrant is being sought to charge the driver with a citation for being super drunk, or exceeding 0.17 percent blood-alcohol content.

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