Crime files: Ransacked birthday presents, gas station debacle and more

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Check out some of the latest detective reports from the Rochester Police Department:

Early morning marijuana bust

At 5 a.m. on Tuesday, April 23, Rochester Police officers stopped a car for a defective equipment violation near Fourth Street. Upon further investigation, the driver—from Oxford, and the passenger—from Lake Orion were arrested for possession of marijuana.

Speeding reveals intoxicated driver at 5 a.m.

On Monday, April 22, Rochester Police stopped a vehicle on Parkdale Ave around 5 a.m. for speeding. The officer determined the Warren resident driver was drunk and arrested him. The driver was later released when he was sober.

Minor arrested for slew of offenses including narcotics and alcohol

A 17-year-old Rochester Hills resident was arrested on Sunday, April 21 for possession of narcotics, narcotic paraphernalia, alcohol and tobacco. Rochester officers originally stopped the minor around 2 a.m. for reckless driving near Diversion Street and First Street.

Police arrest Rochester Hills man for drunk driving

A Rochester Hills man was arrested for drinking and driving on Saturday, April 20 around 1:30 a.m. Rochester Police stopped the 41-year-old for speeding near Main Street and Diversion Street. He was later released when sober, according to reports.

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Here are some of the most recent police files from the Rochester Hills Police Department:

Destroyed door wall

On Tuesday, April 23, Rochester Hills Police inspected a Sandalwood Drive home on reports of a shattered door wall. The family called police when they returned home from work and noticed their back door wall was damaged. The outer door pane was shattered but there were no signs of forced entry through the door wall or anywhere else on the home. A golf ball-sized rock was found near the broken glass. There are no suspects or witnesses at this time.

Stolen cell phone, ID card and…driver’s seat

On Saturday, April 20, a Devonwood Drive resident reported a stolen cell phone and work ID card to Rochester Hills Police. The missing items were taken from the resident’s car and the driver’s seat had also been ripped out. There are no suspects at this time.

Gas station customer gets angry over cigarettes

Last week, a Speedway Gas manager reported an unruly and unwelcome customer to the Rochester Hills Police Department.

The customer, who the manager said her employees have had trouble with in the past, was reported yelling and swearing at a gas station attendant.

Events unfolded when the customer asked for a price of cigarettes. Since the attendant was new, she asked him to hold on a second while she checked the price, but he began yelling.

He then went to pump gas and left.

When interviewed, the customer said the attendant responded with attitude; that he wasn’t being disorderly and was loud because he was in a hurry.

Corporate offices have told the customer to not return in the past. Police also told him to not return to Speedway and if he does, he will be considered a trespasser.

Ransacked birthday presents

On Friday, April 19, Rochester Hills Police responded to a larceny report on Stratford Lane.

Over night, someone stole birthday presents from the resident’s unlocked car, which was parked in front of her home.

The pink bags were full of gifts for the resident’s 4-year-old daughter. While the toys are missing, there was no damage to her car and no suspects at this time.

TV repairman needed

On Thursday, April 18, a Red Roof Inn manager reported one of the motel room’s television sets had been damaged. Looking at records, the manager informed Rochester Hills Police that there was only one occupant in the room in the past four days.

When questioned, the occupant denied damaging the TV but had reported drinking a lot and was entering rehab soon. While he didn’t remember initially damaging the TV, with the help of a friend, they recalled events. He remembered he threw a remote controller at the TV and wrote a statement with what happened.

The manager refuses to prosecute and is letting the former customer pay for damages.

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