Rock through window; missing wallet; stolen GPS and more

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Read some of this week’s local police reports here:

Rock through window leaves investigators empty-handed

On Sunday, May 26, the Rochester Hills Police Department investigated the report of a broken garage window. A Walnut Brook Drive resident reported that while he was at work, someone had thrown a rock from the back of the house through his garage window. Since the house in under construction, there is an outhouse on the property—this was found tipped over. It was noted that several kids enjoy playing in the area but there are not suspects at this time. Since there are rocks covering the ground, officers were unable to identify which rock caused the damage.

Lost and found wallet

On Friday, May 24, Rochester Hills Police officers responded to a Grand Park resident’s call about stolen property from his vehicle. The owner reported that he parked his Honda in his driveway the night before and when he returned to it the following morning, the car’s overhead light was on and the driver’s side door was ajar. There was no damage to the Honda but the owner’s wallet and its contents were missing. It was later reported that a neighbor’s landscaper found the wallet in the backyard, five houses down the street. Everything was still in the wallet, and it was returned to its owner.

Mailbox mayhem

On Thursday, May 23, the Rochester Hills Police Department learned of a damaged mailbox to a Merriweather Lane resident. A report was taken along with photos. There are no suspects at this time.

GPS and charger taken from local man’s work truck

On Wednesday, May 22, Rochester Hills Police officers investigated a report of stolen property from a Mohawk Lane resident’s truck. When the resident, who owns a lawn care service, noticed the driver’s side door was open when he approached his truck in the morning. The resident is certain he locked his truck and his GPS and a Verizon charger were the only missing items. There were no fingerprints found for supporting evidence and there are no suspects at this time.

Possible BB gun vandalism

On Tuesday, May 21, Rochester Hills Police officers investigated a report of damaged property at a Tennyson residence. The woman noted that earlier this morning she noticed at small hole in the front window of her home as she left for work. The grass had not been cut recently so she did not believe the damage was from a stray rock. She did not hear any noises during the night that would have alerted her of the damage and nothing like this has happened in the past. The BB was not found and there are no suspects at this time.

Another stolen GPS and charger

On Sunday, May 19, the Rochester Hills Police Department received a complaint of stolen property from a Horseshow Court resident’s vehicle. The woman reported her missing GPS and car adapter from her unlocked vehicle within the last couple days. It was also noted that her and her kids had used the car in this time period but there were no signs of forced entry and no video surveillance available.


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