Crime Files: Spray-painted car, stolen wine opener and more

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Here are the latest reports from the Rochester Hills Police Department, substation of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

Scratches lead nowhere

On Monday, April 29, a Mapleview Court resident filed a report that their car had been damaged.

The couple had attended church in on Sunday morning and when they returned, parked their car in the lot near their residence. On Monday, they noticed several scratches in the car paint on the driver’s side of their vehicle. The gas tank cover was also open and the cap was loose.

The owner contacted State Farm to have the car towed and repaired because he did not want to start it up if something had been put in the gas tank.

Both residents know of no possible enemies and there are no suspects at this time.

Fire hydrant violation

On Friday, April 27, a woman was visiting her friend at her Paddington Court residence.

The two went shopping so the friend left her car in the lot.

Upon returning an hour later, the woman left and noticed a sticker on her car while she was driving.

The sticker was notifying her she had illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant—which the woman admitted to.

When looking at the sticker, she also noticed silver spray paint on the rear of her Buick LaSabre.

Even though she realizes she was parked illegally, she does not feel spray painting her vehicle was acceptable. It is not certain who did this and there are no suspects at this time.

Wine opener thief

On Thursday, April 25, a Greenview Court resident told Rochester Hills Police that someone had stolen her wine opener from her mail.

A few months ago, the resident mailed her Sharper Image wine opener for repair.

Records show the wine opener left the apartment lobby, where mail is collected and distributed, via UPS to be fixed.

The resident has no package tracking number that the wine opener had been shipped back, but only the product number.

There is no video surveillance in apartment lobby and there are no suspects at this time.


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