Dear Crabby, Are Snow Tires a Good Idea?

Dear Crabby, I just Moved to Michigan from Georgia, Are Snow Tires a Good Idea?

Thanks, Alice in Winterland


Dear Alice,

For you, a southern bell where I’m sure one inch of snow will scare you, yes! And for everyone else, yes! I love my snow tires. They are so much easier now. We used to have more snow in Michigan and anyone who grew up in the Great Lakes State knows to be prepared for the winter season. While the year-after-year heavy snow winters of the 1970s seem to be on break right now, we did have a snowy winter just a couple years ago. So you never know – better safe than sorry I say.

Back in the day, I used have to help my dad put studs in his winter tires right about this time of year. Then, in the spring we had the good fun of pulling the studs out of the tires. Back then, all cars were rear-wheel drive and we only studded those back┬átires. Our father was smart. He would tell the kids it was a competition – to see who could pull out the most studs. We would work like musher dogs with screwdrivers and needle nose pliers to get all the studs out. I was the winner one year, only to find out there wasn’t any prize – other than beating your siblings at the game – dad worked it and knew we liked to be number one.

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Our father would get up before the sun to go to work – in all kinds of weather. On snowy days, we’d line up outside with shovels about the time dad would be driving home. His giant sedan surfed and plowed through the snowy streets tossing snow in every direction as he bombed down the unplowed street coming home. He seemed to always reach home and then get stuck in the driveway. He would get out of the car with half a smile on his face – almost saying with expression, “I got a little further up the driveway this time.” Then he would rally the troops to dig the car out and shovel the driveway clean.

They make wonderful winter tires now – no need for studs – made of a soft rubber, those things really tear through the white stuff. The trick is, you really need all four wheels equipped with snow tires, and you can only use them in the cold winter months. That means you have to store the other set until spring, and vice-versa. But they work wonders! Mrs. Crabby won’t drive with me in the winter until the snow tires are on the vehicle. And with her in the car, or grandkids, or both – I love that sense of security (and so do they).

So, absolutely, get yourself some snow tires. I get mine done in Downtown Rochester, but any good tire store can help you out. But do it soon, we could have a blizzard next week – or summer could return – but really, now that winter is here, better to be safe than sorry.


Dear Crabby

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