Dear Crabby, Are the Detroit Pistons Really Moving?

Dear Crabby,

With the construction of the new Detroit Red Wings (Little Caesars Arena) sports complex underway, I began wondering if the Detroit Pistons will finally make the move downtown Detroit? What do you think?

Randy Roundball

Dear Mr. Roundball,

Oh, boy. This topic seems to pop up as often as that Facebook privacy hoax. On one hand you’ve got people bellyaching that sports teams should play in the city that’s on their jersey. What many people may not remember is the Pistons actually did play in Detroit back in the day. First at Olympia Stadium and then Cobo Arena. But once the team was sold to the late Bill Davidson, it headed outta the city and to the ‘burbs, eventually settling in the state-of-the-art Palace of Auburn Hills. So I get it when people say the team should be in Detroit, but I’d like to ask those people, ‘Have you been to Detroit lately?’ You can stand on the sidewalk in front of the Fox Theatre and clearly see Comerica Park and Ford Field, while Joe Louis Arena (moment of silence) is a little further down the way off Jefferson Avenue. Now I ask you, just where in the blazes would they build a new basketball arena? And don’t even get me started on the parking! And all these people championing for the move have to remember, in addition to the other entertainment options that happen in the city on a regular DearCrabbybasis, sometimes the sport seasons overlap. Talk about a parking shortage. How long before parking prices surpass what you paid for the ticket? I also think a Pistons move downtown could be for awkward for poor Tom Wilson. In case you forgot, Mr. Wilson was once the Detroit Pistons illustrious team president and CEO. Well, about six years ago he jumped ship and became the CEO of Olympia Entertainment, which among other things handles the business operations for the Red Wings and the Tigers, which is all owned by Mr. Ilitch and Co. I’d have to imagine it’s like breaking up with someone, you get serious with someone else, only to have your ex move right next door. That would be a little too close for comfort for my liking. But for as many times as I’ve heard people talking about this topic, it looks like the Pistons might actually be heading to the D sometime in 2018. Personally, I’ll be sad to see them go and I also worry about what will happen to the Palace, which has been a great venue. But no one asked me (surprise!) so I guess what will happen, happens. Hopefully it turns out better than it did for the Pontiac Silverdome when the Pistons and Lions left the building. As for me, I think I’ll have to get one of those fancy sports cable packages so I can watch all the Detroit teams from the comfort of my favorite chair and let everyone else fight for a parking spot.

Hope that helps and ‘Go Detroit!’
Dear Crabby

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