Dear Crabby, Are the Ski Resorts Open?

Dear Crabby, With so many businesses closed or restricted, I was wondering if ski resorts are open?

Sincerely, Susie Slalom

Dear Susie,

Why yes they are. And all reports say they are very, very busy! It seems everyone and anyone who ever wanted to ski, used to ski, or is a skier, are skiing at the local hills.

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Back when I learned to ski, it was only skiing. Now they have snowboarding too – skater kids who found a way to skateboard in the winter. Most of them are pretty amazing, with all the jumps and tricks they do. When they’re not up in the air, they’re usually just sitting around at the top of the hill or running into someone on the slopes.

I like to ski. Well, I haven’t been in years but I used to enjoy it. The best part is what they call Apr├Ęs-Ski – all the fun stuff you do when not on the slopes – drinking hot cocoa, eating pizza, putting your feet next to the fireplace, looking at snow bunnies, and doing shotskis (not me, but some like it). But that’s all gone this year due to COVID.

Nonetheless, the local ski areas are packed! That includes Pine Knob, Mt. Holly, Alpine Valley, and Mt. Brighton. Even the big resorts up north are selling out of lift tickets – I didn’t know that could even happen. Reports indicate that there can be an hour or two wait, outside, just to get a lift ticket and another line to get rental equipment! As well as, their ski schools are booking up and selling out too! Seems everyone wants something to do, outside, in a spaced and safer environment.

And since you’re probably asking, yes, all the resorts are taking the pandemic seriously. No indoor dining – carryout only. No indoor fireplace to rest your cold, tired feet. No dancing, no music, no shotski, and no indoor fun. It’s a throwback to what the sport is all about … SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING … outside in the fresh air.

They all have mask-up rules and that sort of thing, but what better way to social distance than by flying down a ski hill … as long as you know how to stop! If you need a lesson, get a lesson, but not by me. You can read that story HERE as way to remind yourself to seek out a professional when it comes to ski or snowboard lessons.

Suggestions are to avoid the weekends, but if that’s the only time you have – GO EARLY. Have fun hitting the slopes!

Dear Crabby

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